Science Caravans are meant for organizing Mobile Science Exhibitions for the students and general public. Science Caravan is a specially designed truck which carries a consignment of scientific and technological concepts displayed through simple exhibits, colorful diagrams and photographs, specimens along with their write-ups, inflatable Planetarium system and working models on various subjects. The science exhibition is installed in a central school/college and the students from the neighboring schools as well as general public visit these exhibitions. The visits are arranged in collaboration with the relevant Directorate of Education. Through these exhibitions, efforts are made to develop the skills of students to think and solve every day problems by application of science and technology in their daily life because a country's ability to develop more sustainably depends on the capacity of its people and institutions to understand complex scientific phenomena and development issues so that they can make the right development choices. Within its institutional framework, PSF stresses upon stimulating and motivating the students towards scientific and technological studies for playing their appropriate role in our social development.

All narration are bilingual (Urdu and English) and accompanied with simple illustrations. Microscopes, computers, laser holograms and working models reflecting various phenomena of physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology through simple exhibits and planetarium/film shows are the main components of Caravan Exhibitions. At present nine Science Caravan Units are in operation. Eight units are stationed in the four provinces (two for each) and one is stationed at Islamabad.

All Caravan Units continued their activities throughout the report period and organized Caravan Exhibitions in 40 centers for 480 days in various schools countrywide. More than 145,386 Students of 440 Schools visited these exhibitions. Summary of exhibitions is given below:

Caravan Exhibitions during Year 2010-2011

Province Days Schools Visitors
Federal 45 80 26,650
Punjab 88 88 30,221
Sindh 139 95 28,592
KPK 114 114 30,282
Balochistan 94 63 29,641
Total 480 440 145,386

Visitors Since April 2017: