Success Stories

Sr. No. Project Title & No. Principal Investigator Out Come of the Project
1 Value Addition to Topaz by Neutron Irradiation
PSF/Res/C-PINSTECH/Earth (84)
Dr. M. Usman Rajput Deputy Chief Scientist PNSTECH, Islamabad In this project, Topaz with attractive blue color was obtained through nuclear reactor method at Pakistan Research Reactor (PARR-I). Their export can make lot of money for Pakistan like Indonesia and Thailand.
2 Solar Biogas Digester for Anaerobic Processing of Sewage into Biogas and Fertilizer
PSF/Res/F-GIK /Engg (97)
Dr. Khasan Karimov, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology, Swabi. In this project, P.I has developed biogas digester which can be used domestically as well as for the demonstrative/teaching purposes. In addition it can be used for the construction of large volume solar biogas digesters to be used in the farms, especially located in the remote and mountainous areas where the climate is relatively cold.
3 Development of a GPS & Sensor based Mobile Robot; a Test bed for Research in Autonomous Navigation & GPS Applications.
PSF/Res/F-GIK/ Engg (101)
Dr. Mohammad Asim Farooqi Assistant Professor Faulty of Mechanical Engineering GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology, Swabi. The project aimed for making an autonomous navigating mobile robot. This robot is equipped with a GPS receiver and others sensors used conventionally in a navigating mobile robot. The construction of this robot involve various objectives and learning outcomes, which existing wheeled mobile robots technology, Navstar GPS applications and limitations, robot components and sensors usage and availability, designing procedure and experience, kinematic modeling of mobile robot, electronic circuits developments, components interfacing and control and implementation and dubbing of algorithms for basic operation of robots.
4 Mushroom Cultivation and Popularization as Cottage Industry in KPK, Pakistan
PSF/Res/F-NIFA /Bio (141)
Mr. Fazal Mahmood Deputy Chief Scientist Nuclear Institute for Food and Agriculture Peshawar. In this project, production of different Mushrooms strains and substrate have been optimized and their production and preservation technology has been developed successfully. The project is ready for commercialization in the private sector for its production and preservation technology.
5 Enhanced Production of L-Lysine by Bacteria in Stirred Fermenter for Chick Feed Industry
PSF/Res/P-GCU /Bio (436)
Dr. M. Mohsin Javed Associate Professor Institute of Industrial Biotechnology Govt. College University Lahore. In this project, it is revealed that C. glutamicum IIB8UV3 has the potential to be used on commercial scale. Lysine produced in the fermented broth can be used directly for chick feed industry without purification and crystallization. It will make the process more economical.
6 Battery based Micro Hydropower Plant on Catamaran for free Water Flow Operation
PSF/Res/F-GIK/Engg (107)
Dr. Muhammad Abid Dean Faculty of Mechanical Engineering GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology Topi, Swabi. Calculations on water power show that at velocity of 1 m/s and turbine’s blades area of 1 m2, the electric power will be equal to 0.25 kWh. Battery based micro-hydropower systems can operate and store energy continuously for 20 hours per day and more, electric energy produced daily will be almost 5 kWh which is sufficient for main electric and electronic appliances of the average family. This micro-hydropower plant operates on canals by using kinetic energy of running water only.

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