Completed Projects

Sr. No. Project Title & No. Principal Investigator
1 Application of Solar Drying Technology for Apricots Design and Development of Solar Hybrid Dryer (Prototype)
PSF/ILG/023/03 (Engineering Sciences)
Mr. Ma jid-ul-Hassan, Director Projects, PCRET, Islamabad
2 Non-chemical Control of Wild Boar Population in the Area of Islamabad
PSF/ILG/017/03 (Agricultural Sciences)
Dr. Rashid A. Khan, Deptt. of Wild Life & Range Mgt, Univ. of Agriculture, Faisalabad
3 Disbondment of Epoxy Coating & Integrity of Gas Transmission Pipeline
PSF/ILG/002/03 (Engineering Sciences)
Dr. I.H. Khan, Institute of Chemical Engg. & Technology, Punjab University, Lahore
4 Commercial Production of Solar Dryers
PSF/ILG/023/03- 1 (Engineering Sciences)
Mr. Majid-ul-Hassan, PCRET, Islamabad
5 Establishment of Pilot Green Tea Processing Plant
PSF/ILG/026/03 (Engineering Sciences)
Mr. Bakht Mand, NTRI, PARC, Shinkiari.
6 Production of Iron and Steel from Kalabagh Iron Ore through Direct Reduction Process
PSF/ILG/027/03 (Engineering Sciences)
Engr. M. Shafique, PCSIR, Lahore
7 Pharmacognosy of Medicinal Plants of Pakistan (Determination of Active Constituents)
PSF/ILG/029/03 (Biological Sciences)
Dr. Lajber Khan. PSO, PCSIR, Peshawar
8 Design & Development of Bicycle and Auto Rickshaw
PSF/ILG/030/03 (Engineering Sciences)
Dr. Nauman Iqbal, PD, MDE, NESCOM, Islamabad
9 Design and Manufacturing of Light Weight Composite Reinforced CNG Cylinders.
PSF/ILG/034/03 (Engineering Sciences)
Abdul Kalam Khan Azad General Manager SUPARCO, Karachi
10 Establishment of Sustainable Model Agriculture Farm in Basol area, Balochistan using Wind Energy and Drip Irrigation System
PSF/ILG/016/03 (Agriculture Sciences)
Syed Shahid Hussain, PSD, PMNH, Islamabad
11 Enhancement of Shelf Life of Bread and its Allied Products
Dr. Ijaz Ahmad Senior Scientific Officer PCSIR, Lahore.
12 Indigenous Development of Formulation of Radiation Compatible Polypropylene for the Industrial Manufacture of Medical Disposable Syringes
Dr. Shamshad Ahmed School of Chemical and Material Engineering NUST, H-12 Islamabad
13 Investigation and Optimization of Combustion and Emissions
Prof. Dr. M.G.Bannikov Professor FME, GIK Institute of Engg. Science & Technology, Topi, District swabi.