Planning and Development

Planning & Development Directorate is the coordination/facilitation arm of PSF and acts as the focal point on behalf of PSF and its subsidiary organizations i.e. PASTIC & PMNH for onward transmission of information to the Ministry of Science & Technology (MoST) and other national/international organizations. The main activities include the following:

Development Activities:

  • Preparation/finalization and processing of New PC-1s of PSF, PMNH, PASTIC for approval by the competent forum
  • Implementation of PSDP project “Participation of Scientists and Technologists in International Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Trainings Abroad (Phase-II)”
  • Review/processing of on-going development projects of subsidiary organization with MoST & other forums.
  • Internal monitoring of PSDP projects of PSF, PMNH, PASTIC
  • Submission of PC-IVs to MoST and processing of the cases for conversion to recurring side
  • Submission of PC-Vs of completed projects to MoST
  • Attending various review meetings at MoST / Planning Commission
  • Preparation of reports, presentations, reviews, annual development plan and other information related to PSDP projects.

Non-Development Activities:

  • Compilation & submission of Reports, Briefs, Presentations, Comments, Replies to National Assembly/Senate Questions pertaining to Non-Development Compilation of monthly/quarterly reports and other information required by MoST from time to time.
  • International Liaison:
    • Review and finalization of proposals for S&T Cooperation with international Organizations
    • Preparation/finalization of Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with national & international organization