Financial Support to Scientific Societies in Pakistan (Phase-II)-Revised

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
"Financial Support to Scientific Societies in Pakistan (Phase-II)"

Documents required for Registration of New Societies:

  1. Registration of the Society under Societies Act 1860
  2. Details of Membership from all over the country
  • Details of the activities undertaken by the society since inception
  1. Journals published by the Society (if any)
  2. Details of the linkages developed with International societies (if any)
  3. Any other documentary evidence pertaining to existence of society

Eligibility Criteria:

For organizing Conferences/ Seminars/ Workshops/ Symposia / Lectures:

  • All the societies registered under the Societies Act 1860 and with Pakistan Science Foundation may apply.
  • Request for the financial assistance will be made for the following activities only,
    • Holding National and International Conferences, Seminars, Symposia, Workshops and Lectures on important scientific topics
    • Publication of Scientific Journals / Books
    • Development and maintaining the Linkages with Counterpart International Societies in advanced countries.
    • Providing travel grants to the members of the Societies who have been invited in the prestigious International forums for giving plenary talks/lead papers or as invited speakers.
    • Provision of travel grants to the Ph.D. Scholars for presentation of research papers in International Science conferences/symposia and trainings abroad
    • Provision of Young Researcher Awards for outstanding achievements/ papers in a particular year by each society.
  • Request for the particular financial assistance under the above activities may be made at least 30 days before the commencement of the activity.
  • The funds may be requested by the society in any of the heads according to the requirements of respective National and International Conference, Seminar, Workshop, Symposium and Lecture
  • The request for financial grant may be made on the prescribed proforma PSF-IX-A”. Proforma may be filled for each activity separately.
  • Audited Accounts statement of expenditure incurred by the society may be made on the proforma PSF-IX-Bwith all the pre-requisites.
  • Request of financial grant will only be entertained by the Foundation when accounts of the previous Financial Year are settled.
  • Funds will also be given for maintenance of the Society’s website and other allied expenses (if required) under the revised PC-I.

[  Proforma PSF IX-A.docx  |  Proforma PSF IX-B.docx]