Project Funding Process

The concept papers are invited periodically on the issues of national importance within the priority areas. All researchers interested in submitting a proposal for the funding must first submit a concept paper to the NSLP. Those Concept papers that pass an initial screening will be invited to submit a Full-length proposal to the NSLP. Concept papers must be submitted through online portal via PSF Research Grant Management System (RGMS). All the proposals are preliminarily reviewed at PSF. The Foundation utilizes the intellectual expertise of eminent scientists of the country to review the research proposals. The proposals recommended by the subject experts are placed before the PSF Technical Committee for examination/evaluation and recommendation. The Technical Committee is the highest forum to recommend or regret any of the proposals. The budgets, up to Rs. 8.00 million of the proposals recommended by the Technical Committee are approved by the FMC. The projects budgets more than Rs. 8.00 million are approved by the BoG.