Ongoing Projects

Sr. No. Project Title & No. Principal Investigator / Duration End-User
1 Molecular Characterization, Mass Production and Formulation of Entomopathogenic Nematodes
PSF/ILP/S-KU/Bio (047)
Prof. Dr. Shahina Fayyaz, Director, National Nematological Research Center, University of Karachi,Karachi.
Agriculture Industry
2 Development of Technology for the Synthesis of Pharmaceutical Raw Materials
PSF/ILP/P-PCSIR/Chem (053)
Dr. Salma Rahman, Chief Scientific Officer, Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, Lahore.
Pharmaceuticals Industry
3 Eco-Friendly Alternative Energy Source from Municipal Solid Waste
PSF/ILP/P-PCSIR/Envr (054)
Dr. Muhammad Khalid Iqbal, Senior Scientific Officer, CEPS, Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, Lahore.
M/s Waste Busters (Pvt.) Ltd.
4 Development of Eco-Friendly Products as Larvicidal/Insecticidal against Dengue Vector
PSF/ILP/P-PCSIR/Envr (055)
Dr. Rauf Ahmed Khan, Principal Scientific Officer, Centre for Environmental Protection Studies (CEPS), PCSIR Labs. Lahore.
M/s Sitara Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd. & M/s Green Environment (Pvt.) Ltd.