Science Exhibition Performa

Science Caravan is a Mobile Science Exhibition that has been designed to increase public awareness about science and to motivate the younger generation of the country towards study of science. The people living in rural/ backward areas of the country are exposed to some of the most fascinating scientific and technical developments of the modern world through Science Caravans.
The mobile science exhibition is a specially designed Bus which carries a number of equipment like, scientific and technological concepts displayed through working models, scientific documentaries and lab equipment for the practical experiments of Physics, Chemistry, Biology which are demonstrated by Learning Management System (LMS). The most attractive part of the Science Caravan is Portable Start lab Planetarium system which helps in teaching about constellations, solar system, astronomical concepts etc.

Science Caravan units
Foreseeing the need of science popularization in the country, the Foundation initiated the science Caravans (Mobile Science Exhibition) program in 1987. The first unit of science caravan was developed as a model for the rural areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi from Foundation’s own fund. Inaugurated in November, 1987 by the then President of Pakistan, it was put into operation on 3rd May 1988. The Science Caravan (Federal unit) visited most of the school under the Federal Directorate of Education and was received with great enthusiasm by the student and general public. The success of the Science Caravan (Federal unit) led to the development of eight additional units for rural areas of the four provinces.