Research Support Program

The Promotion of Scientific Research and related activities is the major objective of Pakistan Science Foundation, which provides funding for research projects in the areas of Agricultural Sciences, Biological Sciences, Bio-technology and Genetic Engineering, Chemical Sciences, Computer/Information Technology, Mathematical Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Earth sciences, Medical sciences and Physics. The Foundation provides grants to universities and other R&D organizations for projects undertaken by individuals or groups of scientists. The Foundation has developed requisite infrastructure for carrying out its research support activity.

Research projects funded by the Foundation produce trained manpower in the form of M.Phil and Ph.D graduates and otherstaff appointed in the projects,patents and a number of local and international publications. Some projects with industrial base have also gone from Lab to land resulting in utilization of results of PSF Supported projects for Socio-economic development of the country.

The Foundation has so far funded 1031 research Projects in various fields of Science and Technology that have resulted in publication of 612 research papers in national and international journals and 5 patents have been filed from PSF sponsored projects. 169 research scholars have acquired their M.Phil degrees and 115 have done their Ph.D.s out of work done in PSF supported research projects.

Success Stories of PSF Funded Projects
Research Priority Areas
Detailes of M.Sc, M.Phill & Ph.D Produced from PSF Completed Projects
Procedure For Project Funding

Projects proposals, submitted to the Foundation, are evaluated initially by Subject Experts in the relevant fields and then by the PSF Technical Committees which recommend the projects for approval on the basis of technical merit and relevance to the socio-economic needs of the country.

Research grants are released to P.Is on 6-monthly basis. The progress of research is monitored through evaluation of semi-annual and annual reports from grantees.

Flow chart of the process