Eligibility Criteria:

  • A regular/full time employee of the Govt. or Public Sector R&D organization/ Public Sector HEC recognized university/Chartered University recognized by the HEC can apply for the travel grant.
  • The applicant should be a scientist/technologists/ working under any discipline of science, engineering or medicine
  • The research paper to be presented by the applicant must be accepted for oral presentation in a conference/ seminar/ symposium/workshop.
  • The applicant will have to provide a copy of the full research paper to be presented and plagiarism report of the paper and its Similarity Index should be less than 20%.
  • The applicant will have to present a valid acceptance letter for oral presentation mentioning complete address, phone & fax no. and email of the event organizers.
  • The scientific research paper should be based on results of research undertaken by the applicant within Pakistan.
  • The participating author will obtain and provide consent of other authors for presentation of research paper by him/her on the letter head of the organization.
  • Scientists/technologists who are invited as keynote speakers to present lead/plenary lectures in International science conferences/seminars/symposia/workshop will also be eligible to apply for the grant.
  • The scientists/technologists who are offered partial funding by their parent departments or organizers will be given preference while considering requests for funding.
  • The conference/seminar/symposium/workshops organized by the world renowned global scientific society/university/R&D organization will be considered for provision of travel grant.
  • The research topics of the applicant must be related to the STI 2022 policy fields / pillars.
  • An applicant can only be awarded once in a particular fiscal year.
  • If travel grant is being awarded from the development budget under any approved PSDP project, then the same provisions will not be funded from non-development budget.
  • The applicant who has given consent to any of the co-author can’t avail/apply travel grant for the same paper presentation through any funding agency in Pakistan.
  • The applicant must have to mention the HEC or any other organization to which he/she has applied for travel grant to present the same paper presentation.
  • Travel grant for attending annual meetings of scientific forums where oral presentation is in the form of research papers / Invited talk are also allowed.

Terms of In-Eligibility:

  • Conferences organized by fake organizations i.e., OMICS, WASET and private organizations etc.
  • Pakistani scientists/technologists/post doctorate fellows studying/working in foreign universities/ organizations at the time of submission of travel grant request.
  • Earlier presented and already published papers
  • Travel grant for attending annual meetings of scientific forums
  • Ph.D/M.Phil/MS/M.Sc students.
  • Visiting faculty members/contract employees of universities/R&D organizations.
  • Students/faculty member from private sector Universities/Institutions.
  • Survey papers and research papers related to social and management sciences.
  • Poster presentation.
  • Review papers
  • Incomplete applications
Please download the latest Proforma PSF-X for submission of application for financial assistance.