Grants for Awards and Fellowships

Awards and prizes are granted by PSF to individuals engaged in developing processes, products, invention/innovations in order to provide incentive for valuable scientific Research.

Awards' Categories:

  •   Awards for inventions/innovations.
  •   Awards for commendable achievements in PSF research projects.
  •   Z.A. Hashmi Gold Medal.

Dr. Z.A. Hashmi Gold Medal has been instituted in the memory of PSF Founding Chairman to acknowledge his efforts and services for the development of Science and Technology in the country. The Gold Medal will be awarded each year on competitive basis to Principal Investigators of PSF supported research projects on the basis of results achieved and published during last ten years. This activity has encouraged Scientific Community to conduct quality research, perform well and produce fruitfull outcome.

Inventions & Innovations:

Inventions and Innovations are the instruments by which intellectual concepts are translated to new processes/ methods/ techniques/ technologies and are moved towards commercialization for the benefit of a national economy. In order to encourage Scientists and Researchers with innovative inventions,the Foundation awards them cash prizes and establishes linkages between Scientists with innovative inventions the local industry. Under this programme, recently 04 parties have been provided funds for the promotion of the activities.

Inventions & Innovations Programme Since 2009

Scientific Surveys:

The Foundation provides funds to the organizations/institutions for conducting the Scientific Surveys to collect data on important issues/problems,which is used in research and policy making etc. Under this programme,very important data of "Earthquake in Northern Areas on October 8,2005" and "Ground Water Sampling in Thar Desert areas of Sindh" was collected.



The Foundation has a limited fellowship programme for brilliant young scholars having excellent academic record. Thus, young scholars with first class academic career, enrolled for their M.Phil/Ph.D. programmes in local universities, who do not have any M.Phil/PhD other source of income, are granted fellowship @ Rs. 10,000/= p.m. and Rs. 13,000/= p.m to enable them to carry out their research work respectively.

Eligibility criteria for Fellowships:

  • The Candidate must be enrolled for M.Phil/Ph.D. in a Public Sector University.
  • He/She should have throughout 1st Division in his/her academic career.
  • He/She should not have any other source of income.