Science Centre

In 2000, the first science centre has been established by PSF in Faisalabad. This centre displays exhibits in the fields of Natural History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology and Computer Sciences etc, which are geared towards the interest of students and general public, with special emphasis on the application of scientific principles in our daily lives. These exhibits stimulate the minds of young and old alike.

The main aims and objectives of the science centre are:

  • To create awareness in society about the role of science and technology in the economic development of the country.
  • To activate the latent interest of secondary and higher secondary students in scientific discoveries and applications of science.
  • To supplement the teaching of biological and physical sciences in schools and colleges through informal education and demonstration of principles of science.
  • To show science documentaries pertaining to important scientific areas such as Environment, Computers, Lasers, Biotechnology and Energy etc.
  • To arrange S & T exhibitions through science Caravans in the rural areas.
  • To provide S & T information to users and interact with local entrepreneurs and technologists for exchange of technology information.

The Centre contains Country Diorama and specimens/models of Natural Sciences including Agriculture, Botany, Zoology and Earth Sciences. The models relating to Chemistry, Physics, Electronics, Energy, Engineering and computers are displayed. The exhibits displayed outside the building include the model of Ghouri-II Missile and a Solar Fountain. Recently, two animated dinosaurs models have also been added in the exhibits of the Centre.

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