Operations of NSLP

Pakistan Science Foundation is responsible for operation of NSLP Endowment Fund. The funding process includes mainly receiving/ inviting, processing, approval, monitoring, evaluation and coordination of projects supported whole or in part by the programme. Pakistan Science Foundation is committed to maximum utilization of NSLP resources to support agricultural research and development. Proposals for research and development grants are accepted from all public and private organizations with required research and development (R&D) capabilities and financial responsibilities. Joint project proposals by the Pakistani and US scientists are encouraged.


  1. Board of Governors:

    The general directions, conduct and management of the Fund is vested in the Board of Governors as approved by the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC). The BoG evolves policy for operation of the Fund, approve rules and regulations, annual budget and provide guidelines for operation of the fund. The BoG sanctions projects costing more than Rs. 8.00 million

  2. Fund Management Committee:

    The Fund Management Committee (FMC) supervises Management of the Endowment Fund, income drawn from it and the expenditure in accordance with the rules and regulations approved by the Board of Governors, inter-alia, including maintenance of accounts and arrange for its annual audit. FMC meets at least twice a year and approves projects costing up to Rs. 8.00 million on the recommendations of Technical Committee. Projects costing more than Rs. 8.0 million are referred to the BoG.

  3. Chief Executive for the NSLP Endowment Fund.

    The Chairman, Pakistan Science Foundation, is the Chief Executive of the Fund and Chairman of the Fund Management Committee.


The Foundation emphasizes on monitoring and evaluation of the research projects funded and a structured process has been evolved for the purpose. After the project funding is started, biannual Technical and Fiscal reports are submitted by the P.I. The next due installment is released only after receipt of semi annual technical and fiscal reports. The annual technical reports are evaluated by the relevant subject experts and are also presented in the meetings of PSF Technical Committee. The annual fiscal reports are scrutinized before the release of next due installment. The project progress is also monitored by the PSF team and relevant subject experts by visiting the project site from time to time.


A project is considered "Complete" after its technical and administrative closure. Technically, a project is completed when its final technical report is received, evaluated by the subject expert as satisfactory and adopted by the relevant PSF Technical Committee. Administratively, a project completes after final fiscal report is received and scrutinized.